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Aluminium Casement Windows

The casement window made of high quality aluminium is a wonderful addition to any property.
Our casement aluminium windows maximize the benefit of the glass area, allowing more natural light, and providing an unobstructed, open outlook.

Casement aluminium windows are windows that are attached to frames by hinges on their side. You can choose between single casement aluminium windows or incorporate them as pairs within a shared aluminium window frame.

When you open your casement aluminium window, you swing the entire window open. This action makes them popular because you can control the breeze; opening the window and directing it to wherever you choose in your home.

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Please Note: Complete Window Replacements also supplies and installs timber casement windows.

Benefits Of Casement Aluminium Windows.

All our casement aluminium windows are tailored to suit your particular needs and come installed with keyed locks and fly screens. Casement aluminium windows offer good window security; making it hard for burglars to reach the window locks.

Read more about aluminium casement windows:

  • Enjoy more natural light, making maximum benefit of the glass area.
  • Casement aluminium windows are suited to large unobstructed views and for maximum ventilation.
  • Great breeze control and direction.
  • Choice of single casement aluminium windows or pairs.
  • Slimline, pratical and durable, aluminium window frames weather all Australian conditions.
  • Aluminium casement windows provide a low maintenance, cost-effective window.
  • Anodised or powder-coated in a colour of your choice.

Casement Aluminium Windows Specifications.

  • Aluminium window frames are impact resistant, strong and durable.
  • Casement aluminium windows are completely sealed to prevent dirt, dust and weather infiltration.
  • Galvanised steel reinforce the frames for additional strength.
  • Windows are internally glazed to prevent glass removal from the outside.
  • Keyed lock fitted as standard for enhanced security.
  • Tough, stainless friction stay hinges hold window in position despite wind.
  • Swings opens to up to 90° for maximum ventilation.
  • Colonial bars available.

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