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Glass Options

Only glass allows you to bring the great outdoors inside.

Complete Window and Door Replacements offers a choice of glass options for its window and door products.

Glass plays an important role in the finish of your doors and windows since it directly affects appearance, energy efficiency and comfort.

Where you live is an important consideration in the selection of glass. Your location determines your climatic conditions and, in Melbourne, where the climate is cooler, most people seek to maximise solar heat gain for majority of year.

All glass is compliant with Australian glass codes.

Talk to Us About These Glass Options:

Standard Glass.

  • Most common glass for windows.
  • Not suitable for doors, high traffic or high risk areas.
  • Most cost-effective of all window choices.
  • Minimum 5mm glazing.

Safety Glass.

  • Available as toughened or laminated glass in either clear or toned glass.
  • Four to five times stronger than standard glass.
  • Glass shatters, not splinters, when broken, minimising risk.
  • Minimum standards are covered by Australian Standards.
  • Suited to high traffic and high risk areas, such as children’s bedrooms, living areas and playrooms.

Noise Resistant Glass.

  • Reduces external noise, including traffic, aircraft and neighbours.
  • Various products available depending upon intensity of noise at all frequencies.
  • Common solutions include thicker glass, laminated glass (two panes with interlayer) and secondary glazing.

Insulating Glass.

  • Known as double glazed units or Insulated Glass Units or IGUs.
  • Comprise two or more panes of glass separated by an air (or gas) filled cavity for thermal insulation.
  • Stops up to 70% of heat loss and 77% of heat gain compared to standard 3mm glazing when combined with Low E Coating and suitable frame.

Energy Efficient Glass.

Did you know that up to 87% of heat gain and up to 49% of heat loss occurs through windows? Homes with ordinary windows are using up to a staggering 60% more energy to heat and cool their home than necessary.

Choose from these energy efficient glass options.

  • Low E (low emissivity) glass; or
  • Low E coating combined with double glazing.

Decorative Glass.

Glass can be patterned, textured, frosted, mirrored, acid etched or screen printed in a range of colours and designs to create a decorative finish and privacy.

Decorative glass is popular for use in doors and can be toughened or laminated to provide Grade A safety glass.

Bushfire Resistant Glass.

Used with an approved framing system, bushfire resistant glazing is now available for homes in high risk areas, without the need for bushfire resistant shutters or metal screens. Bushfire glass provides a barrier against radiant heat and ember attack.

  • Bushfire glass is tested to radiation levels of 40Kw/m2.
  • Transfers less than 3% of radiant heat through window.
  • Bushfire glass is tested to radiation levels of 40Kw/m2.
  • Transfers less than 3% of radiant heat through window.
  • Protects before, during and after bushfire front passes.
  • Protects combustible materials (such as furnishings) from igniting.

Storm Resistant Glass.

Storm resistant glass is ideal for coastal properties, strong wind and cyclone prone areas. The extra thick laminated safety glass resists penetration from flying debris and extreme conditions.

Call the experienced team at Complete Window and Door Replacements to discuss your glass options or get an obligation-free quote.