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Timber Awning Windows

An awning window is a casement window that is hung horizontally, hinged on top, so that it swings outward like an awning. In other words, it opens outward from the bottom out.

Because timber awning windows open on a slant, they allow ventilation while keeping rain from entering your home. Timber awning windows can be locked open; and are fitted with enhanced security and keyed locks as part of our standard installation.

Perhaps one of the most commonly-cited reasons to choose a timber awning window over its aluminium counterpart is that timber windows are a design feature in its own right. Timber, by its nature, makes a bolder statement than slimline aluminium.

Windows are made-to-measure, compliant to applicable Australian Standards and customers have a choice of glass options.  Timber Awning Windows carry a 15-year guarantee.

Our timber awning windows are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. Talk to our experienced team about timber awning windows or read on to learn more.

Please Note: Complete Window Replacements also supplies and installs aluminium awning windows.

Benefits of Timber Awning Windows.

Whether its the rich red of Western Red Cedar or the pale beige of Victorian Ash that takes your preference, you’ll find that investing in timber awning windows from Complete Window Replacements will provide years of enjoyment while, at the same time, enhancing your property value.

Our timber awning windows:

  • Are made from high quality timber, sourced from eco-forests.
  • Are strong and stable in weather.
  • Are easy to paint, stain or varnish.
  • Add a dramatic design feature for your home.
  • Provide light and breeze while keeping rain out.
  • Are cost-effective and attractive.
  • Are fitted with premium quality seals.
  • Close very tightly, improving energy efficiency and reduce air penetration.
  • Are great for noise reduction because of our duel seal system.
  • Colonial bars available.

Timber awning windows are supplied and installed with a 15-year guarantee.

Colonial bars are available.

Timber Awning Windows Specifications.

  • Compliant with Australian standard AS 2047.
  • Glass is sealed from both sides to prevent leakage.
  • Fixed light sashes can match opening sashes for clean, flush surfaces and continuous sightlines.
  • Awning type sashes can be fitted with heavy duty chain winders or truth hardware.
  • Choose from hardware colour options.
  • Wide top and bottom rails give the window a bold appearance.
  • All chain winders are supplied with a keyed lock.

Please Note: Special warranty conditions relate to timber products.

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