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Timber Double-Hung Windows

Timber double-hung windows are one of our most popular window styles because of the timeless nature of their configuration. Made of either Western Red Cedar or Victorian Ash, they can be used in any type of home, modern or heritage.

They are particularly popular as a replacement window for cord and weight windows or old spiral balance windows.

Timber double-hung windows provide excellent ventilation. You can open them from the top or bottom, or both sashes at the same time to direct airflow to whichever part of the room you desire.

Our timber double-hung windows are made from the highest quality materials. You can be assured that timber double-hung windows from Complete Window Replacements will be easy-to-use, rattle-free and long-lasting to offer you many years of pleasure.

Our Jambliner System overcomes the age-old problem of double-hung windows being painted shut. The same system enables for easy sash removal in the future which facilitates easy cleaning, especially for second-storey homes.

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Please Note: Complete Window Replacements also supplies and installs aluminium double-hung windows.

Benefits Of Timber Double-Hung Windows.

Elegant and warm, our timber double-hung windows are a timeless enhancement to your home. Whether you seek to achieve a traditional look or a bolder modern theme, our timber double-hund windows will give you years of pleasure.

When timber double-hung windows are open, there is no protrusion into deck areas or walkways, making them a great, safe choice around children.


  • Practical, easy-to-use and clean, even for second-storey homes.
  • Security enhanced by keyed locks, provided at no extra cost.
  • Suitable for brick, timber, concrete or stucco residences.
  • Perfect for people looking for flexible ventilation options.
  • Fully-sealed to keep dirt, dust and wet weather outdoors.
  • Fitted with fly screens at no extra cost.
  • Carry a 15-year guarantee.

Timber Double-Hung Windows Specifications.

  • Compliant with Australian Standard AS 2047.
  • Choice of coloured hardware.
  • Choice of glazing options.
  • Sealed from both sides of glass to prevent leakage.
  • Available as a single or double hung window (one fixed sash with a second sash that moves).
  • Old style weights and cords are available.
  • Colonial bars available.

Please Note: Special warranty conditions relate to timber products.

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