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Timber Doors

The beautiful aesthetic properties of timber doors is the reason so many homeowners are attracted to them. As Finnish architect, Alvar Alto said, timber offers “kinship with man and living nature”.

Timber doors are perfect for use in heritage properties and beautifully complement timber windows of the same era.

Timber doors provide good natural insulation properties (especially relating to heat loss/ingress and sound transfer) and your timber doors can be painted, varnished or stained to suit personal preferences.

All our timber doors are fitted with keyed locks and flyscreens at no extra cost and carry our standard 15-year warranty.

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Please Note: Complete Window and Door Replacements also supplies and installs aluminium doors.

Benefits Of Timber Doors.

  • Timber doors offer unparalleled aesthetic beauty and character.
  • Favourite choice for heritage homeowners and people preferring timber-rich environments.
  • Available in a range of designs, timber and finishes.
  • Timber doors provide thermal efficiency.
  • They are easily repaired or refreshed.
  • Made from sustained and renewable materials.
  • Timber doors store atmospheric carbon.

Timber Door Materials.

Our timber doors are made using either Western Red Cedar or Victorian Ash Hardwood.


Western-Red-Cedar TimberWestern Red Cedar is a hard-wearing, non-warping softwood that is popular for use in timber windows and doors.

In addition, it is dimensionally stable under almost all weather conditions. Because of the fineness of its grain, shrinkage and swelling are minimised and this means that finishes (such as varnishes or paints) enjoy a longer lifespan.

Western Red Cedar ranges in colour from a honey beige through to a deep red or brown. This mix of shades gives the timber a unique appearance which is highly desired amongst architects and designers. A semi-clear or clear finish is ideal for accentuating these natural colour variations and promoting a natural look.

Built-in naturally-occurring preservatives mean that Western Red Cedar has natural resistance to rot and fungus, termites and borers.


Victorian-Ash-TimberVictorian Ash (which is also known as Tasmanian Oak or Alpine Ash) is the wood of either of the trees Eucalyptus regnans or Eucalyptus delegatensis and it is commonly used for interiors such as floors, kitchens, wall panelling, windows and doors. Unlike Western Red Cedar, Victorian Ash is a very pale in colour, ranging from beige to light pink.

Victorian Ash is popular with property owners that are seeking a light, open feel to rooms. It has excellent staining qualities.

Styles Of Timber Doors.

We supply and install a wide range of timber door styles.

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